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600 3rd St
Rocheport, Missouri 65279
United States


Buy custom, amazing, handcrafted mandolins and mandolas.  Mandolins are hand made in America.  Have yours custom built. 

Featured Mandos

Check back every 1st of the month to see a new featured mandolin.

We are making mandolins from different woods from time to time and will list them here. Also, we will post factory blemished or repaired mandolins at discounted prices. Check in from time to time to see what we are exploring or sale mandolins.

M-4Z (ziricote wood)

While cleaning up the shop, I came across some 20 year old ziricote wood. Its a stunningly figured hard wood from Central America and Mexico.

I once used it for our original M-3 mandolins but it got pricey and is now unworldly expensive so I stopped using it.

But, for this month, I made it into and M-4Z mandolin (Z for ziricote being the clever guy I am) so......It may be the last one I ever make and don't care if I sell it but if you can't live without it.....$1050 will get it to you with Golden Age Nickel tuners and tailpiece. Case extra.