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600 3rd St
Rocheport, Missouri 65279
United States


Buy custom, amazing, handcrafted mandolins and mandolas.  Mandolins are hand made in America.  Have yours custom built. 

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Mandolin and mondolas news.  Big Muddy Mandolin news.

Factory goof.

Mike Dulak

Will be posting photos of a perfectly good sounding and playing M-2 mandolin. The 'issue' is, the top binding didn't go on all that good and we are selling this as a 'factory second' for 435 bucks. That does not include a case option. It will include our warranty.

NewZebra wood mandos

Mike Dulak

I found a chunk of Zebra wood in my pile while cleaning up. Remembered I had bought it about 18 years ago and thought...........what the heck. I'm making a matched mandolin and mandola out of it. Will post pic soon.

Folk Art distressed finishes

Mike Dulak

Soon we will be posting our new 'folk art distressed' mandolin finishes. We paint them up, sand them down, make the finish look 100 years old and leave some file and sanding marks in them. They have the feel and look of well worn but retain the integrity of brand new, fully warranteed.

Check in after a spell and we will post some.

Factory refurbished mandolin.

Mike Dulak

M-2, refurbished mando. Seems to be holding structure just fine with 'light' gauge strings. A bargain at $325. Cases extra.

This is your 'take it camping' mando and not worry about your investment mando. Great playability and very good tone.

A New Start

Mike Dulak

We're back with a brand spanking new website.  For a bit of celebration, we'd like to share this short clip about our company. This video and interview was done by Julie Sumpter. A fine, young lady in the journalism department at the University of Missouri. She really was a joy to be hangin' out with. May her future look bright. Thank you Julie. Coffee's always hot.