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600 3rd St
Rocheport, Missouri 65279
United States


Buy custom, amazing, handcrafted mandolins and mandolas.  Mandolins are hand made in America.  Have yours custom built. 

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Experience the rich, warm sound of a solid wood instrument- at a fraction of the cost of carved top models.

MW-O Mandolin


MW-O Mandolin

from 505.00

Walnut back and sides.  Spruce top.  Rosewood fretboard and bridge.  No top binding.

We are using 'local' walnut, as it is what Missouri is somewhat famous for. These wood combinations give a nice 'bright' sound. Good for 'cutting thru' in those jam sessions while not 'taking your head off' with too much cut.



All 'W' (wide neck) series models have African Blackwood fretboard and bridge.  The wide neck is 1 - 1/4″ at the nut. For big, full fingered peeps or guitar players who want a bit more room on a mando.

All "J" (jumbo) series models are specialty made with a mandola body using a mandolin neck.  We have found it giving a richer, fuller sound compared to the regular mandolin version.

Primitive - No brace carving, no binding. hickory fretboard, and no attention to sanding scratches or finish work. It has character that in no way changes the sound or playablility.

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